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Lingual brackets – invisible treatment – visible results!

Everybody has the right to a beautiful smile. If we want to have it – you need an orthodontic appliance. Clear brackets are less visible but still noticeable.


And what if you do not want to show that you have orthodontic brackets and still want to have straight teeth? And what if you have been thinking about orthodontic treatment for a long time but brackets on teeth scare you, even the clear ones?

There is only one solution – lingual brackets.



Lingual brackets are not new. Their use is based on over 35 years of work, development and modernization – both in shape and patient’s comfort.


In this technology brackets are bonded from interior or lingual side of a tooth and it is completely invisible even when you smile broadly!

Lingual brackets differ from labial ones with the surface of bonding, lack of bands, invisibility of the appliance itself and additional elements as well. The brackets themselves are only forces transporters from actively working wire to a tooth. In the case of lingual technique, different brackets and wires than in traditional technology are used.

An additional advantage is the possibility of seeing the final effect on a model before the treatment starts.

In case of lingual brackets, malocclusion treatment is much shorter, even easier than traditional technology. The treatment time is similar to the time with traditional system and the mechanics of lingual brackets is the same as traditional.

Nowadays lingual brackets can treat all the malocclusions.

The only condition is the absence of active periodontal disease, the presence of permanent teeth and enough amount of tooth crown for bracket bonding.

It is possible to treat patients with retained teeth and surgical cases. More difficult cases need proper technologies to be used.

System used in our clinic

Nowadays it is possible to use variety of systems. There are some companies in the world producing lingual brackets. They differ in shape, size and capabilities.

Simple appliances controlling teeth movements only in two planes are able to treat not complicated malocclusions such as crowding and spacing.

Most appliances are based on ready elements manufactured by companies and, with the help of a technician, set them properly on a model. At the end of 2004 there was the introduction of a new product on a market: prefabricated brackets were replaced with individually designed INCOGNITO brackets made by TOP-SERVICE LINGUALTECHNIK company from Germany.

At the beginning of 2005, dr Katarzyna Łoza-Sołtyk went there on a training what nowadays results in even the most difficult cases treatment.

The treatment with INCOGNITO system is based on digitally customized brackets and wires which are digitally manufactured based on set-up (treatment result simulation).

Brackets are made of gold (with a little addition of other elements). The thickness of a bracket tighted to a tooth is 0,1-0,4mm – that’s why the necessity of very accurate silicone impressions is obligatory.

Subsequent wires individually designed for each patient give the doctor comfort of harmonic treatment.

If somebody claims that it is a computer which thinks instead of a doctor or that all the treatment is easy because an orthodontist has only to insert wires , you are wrong! Nothing further from the truth! In case of not serious malocclusion, only the main wires have to be replaced but when closing the spaces after extractions, a doctor has to do it skilfully, in special order, with additional use of chains, springs, coils or micro-implants (in some cases). Lingual brackets treatment requires a lot of knowledge and manual skills.

A tongue, pronunciation problems and hygiene

The most important problem for patients is the issue of getting accustomed to the brackets. Lingual brackets are reduced in size so very little discernible. Treatment can be accompanied with discomfort but it is caused by the fact of teeth movement which also happens in traditional treatment.

In our clinic there is also a speech therapist helping people with pronounciation problems. After few days most of our patients speak without any problems and only a few of them need more time – about 2-3 weeks. Wounding or hurting the tongue is negligible with INCOGNITO system. When speaking about different brackets – it happens slightly.

Control visits take place every 6 weeks. The appliance is activated then by adding new elements or wire replacement. Each visit is connected with brackets cleaning with a professional device (sandblasting machine) in order to make patient’s hygiene easier.

Lingual brackets and allergy

INCOGNITO brackets are great also for allergy suffer. It contains mainly gold and is nickel-free (nickel is the metal responsible for allergy). However, before treatment you have to inform your orthodontist about possible allergies.


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